Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki was originally planning to hold a concert tour from February to August this year to mark her 22nd year in show business.

Hamasaki, 41, broke into the scene in April 1998 with her debut single Poker Face.

She kicked off her tour in Japan’s Saitama prefecture on Feb 20, but it was suspended two days later due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The organisers announced in May that the rest of the 36 concerts have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

On Saturday (July 25), fans who missed Hamasaki’s concerts got to see her perform, albeit via an online concert.

There was no audience at the concert, which is titled Ayumi Hamasaki Premium Limited Live A, and fans could pay to watch the live broadcasts on the Abema streaming website.

Hamasaki began the concert with the song Mad World, and performed 17 other songs such as Whatever, Last Angel, End Roll, Survivor and Blue Bird. She ended the concert with the song The Show Must Go On.

Hamasaki, who gave birth to a baby boy last November, performed also her new song Ohia Tree at the concert.

本日の配信ライブ、ありがとうございました!今のリアルな一座の生き様が刻まれた忘れられない時間を過ごさせていただきました。 皆様にとって、今日のステージはどんな風に映ったでしょうか…。 このライブは1週間ABEMAさんで見逃し配信されますので、まだの方は是非、お時間あるときに参戦下さいませ!!! ハッシュタグ #夏ノトラブル をつけての皆様からの感想もお待ちしております🙏✨ 改めて、本当に本当に‼️最高の夏の始まりをありがとうございました‼️‼️‼️

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She released the surprise single – her first in four years – on July 5. The song is dedicated to her son, and tells of being a new parent and her overwhelming love for her child.

Hamasaki did not disclose who the father of her son is, but several media outlets speculated that he is her 21-year-old boyfriend, dancer Shunpei Araki. He was one of the performers at her concert.

私たちの届けたかった想いが、私たちが願っていた以上に届いてくれたことを、みんなが色んな形で私たちに伝えようとしてくれているのが、本当に尊くて有難いです。 なので、私もきちんと伝えなければ。 みんなからの想いは、私には勿論、メンバー全員に、ゴリちゃんに、スタッフチームに、みーーーんなに届いています。 変わらない愛を、あたたかい気持ちを、たくさんたくさん、ありがとう🙏✨ 次もまたムフフな場所に登場します!その日までどうか、元気で、笑顔で待っていて下さい!!! #夏ノトラブル

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