Forbes has released its list of the highest paid YouTube stars of the year, and an Irish video game YouTuber has made the top 10.

Seán McLoughlin, aka JackSepticEye, from Athlone, is the eighth richest on the list, earning a reported $16 million from June 2017 to June 2018.

“Foulmouthed, energetic Seán McLoughlin is the most popular YouTuber in Ireland thanks to his colorful video-game commentary,” writes Forbes.

“A few bad words haven’t kept him from going mainstream: He did a series for Disney and is developing exclusive content for live-streaming platform Twitch.”

He has 20 million subscribers to his channell and last year featured on RTE2 documentary Ireland’s Rich List, which revealed he was worth €2.5m.

“There’s lots of swearing. The more you swear, the better. People react very positively to that apparently,” he said.

“I do get a lot of complaints from parents who say I swear too much. I’m not kid-friendly, which I never said I was from the beginning.”

Regarding his wealth, he said, “It puts a lot of responsibility on you very quickly and you have to be wise about it.

“A lot of YouTubers out there get a lot of money very quickly and splash it all on Lamborghinis and penthouse suites. If I ever buy a Lamborghini, someone can shoot me.”

Sean ranks higher than PewDiePie and Logan Paul and comes just behind Vanoss Gaming at seven, Markiplier at six, Jefree Star at five, and DanTDM at four.

The list is topped by Ran ToysReview, a seven-year-old who reviews toys for his 17m followers. and who has his own line of collectibles sellign at Walmart.  In second place is Jake Paul, brother of Logan, and in third is Dude Perfect, a five man sports crew who do tricks.

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‘If I ever buy a Lamborghini, someone can shoot me’ – Irish YouTube millionaire Jacksepticeye 

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