Surgeons who thought they were removing a tumour from a woman’s throat were shocked to discover a large leech wriggling around inside her sinuses.

The unnamed 63-year-old woman, from Ha Giang in Vietnam, went to hospital and told doctors she’d been having "constant migraines" for three months.  

After an examination, she was diagnosed with a throat tumour and surgery was immediately scheduled to remove it. 

However, when surgeons began working, they didn’t find a tumour at all. 

Instead, they discovered a two-inch leech inside and were forced to quickly remove it before it did any more damage.

Gruesome footage of the procedure, captured on January 9, shows doctors pulling the creature out of the woman’s mouth and placing it on a tray, where it writhes around, still alive. 

According to the doctors, if not detected in time, the leech would have attacked the patient’s sinuses and made it difficult for her to breathe.

The woman reportedly lives in a mountainous area and often bathes in spring water where she may have come into contact with the leech.

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