Christmas is just two days away, and not all of us are blessed with the dexterity and patience to perfectly wrap presents.

For those of us who find carefully folding, cutting and sticking paper to the gifts one of the more tedious jobs of the festive season, this genius hack will be a gamechanger.

The ‘diagonal wrapping method’, coined by lifestyle blogger Kallie Branciforte gives your presents a flawless finish and is perfect for when you think you don’t have enough wrapping paper for a gift.

It uses less paper than the wasteful method adopted by many of us and therefore costs less money – ideal.

Here’s how you do it.

In a video tutorial on Youtube, Kallie lifts each corner of the wrapping paper towards the centre of the box, positioning the object at a diagonal angle.

She says the technique is perfect for when it looks like there isn’t enough paper to wrap around a present – but she shows you how to do it perfectly.

Fixing each triangular section to the surface of the box, the gift fits snugly inside.

For those awkwardly shaped or difficult to wrap presents, Kallie suggests making a gift bag out of the wrapping paper itself.

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To finish off the wrapping so it looks like it’s been done by a pro, the top of the bag can either be tied shut with a ribbon. Or just taped shut.

If you’re using a bag, punch two holes into either side of the paper so ribbon or string can be weaved through to shut the bag – so friends and family can’t get a peak of what’s inside.

Another top tip Kellie suggests, is to use double-sided tape so no tape is exposed.

She also suggests a simple hack to personalise your wrapping, using festive design and prints.

Using a sanitary pad, cut a Christmas design (it can be anything you like!) in the centre and attach to the sticky surface of a lint roller.

After rolling the design using paint, the print can be transferred easily to your wrapping paper.

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