Country darlings Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been married since 2005, but in all that time, their relationship has never gotten boring. In a new interview with People, Brooks gushed about his wife of 13 years and opened up about how they keep things interesting, plus, how impactful the little gestures can be in a long-term relationship.

“The great thing about Miss Yearwood is, time is a friend to anything good and she’s fantastic,” Brooks told People. “She makes everything new. Every time you see her, it’s like the first time you ever saw her, so it’s pretty cool.”

He added, “Things never get in a rut. Things never get dull. She’s not going to allow it. She’s just too special, so it’s pretty fun just trying to keep up with her.”

Of course, like any partnership, keeping the romance alive can’t be left entirely up to one person. Brooks told People that he does his part in keeping things fresh by doing little things for Yearwood, which can sometimes make all the difference in the day-to-day parts of a marriage.

“I don’t drink coffee, never have,” he said, but he added that Yearwood is the opposite. “She loves coffee, so in the morning before she ever gets up, her coffee is made every day. I think she thinks that’s romantic.”

Brooks tried to act like brewing his wife’s coffee each day isn’t a big deal, but we can see right through that. “For me, it’s nothing that’s an effort or anything. It’s just something that I enjoy doing. It’s an honor to get to make her coffee, but she finds it romantic,” he said.

Yearwood’s love affair with coffee is well known. She regularly hosts #TsCoffeeTalk and talks about coffee regularly on her show, Trisha’s Kitchen. She even has a special Christmas-themed coffee mug launching on Saturday.

From the looks of it, Yearwood and Brooks are still going strong, and we love how sweet their relationship is.

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