Before social media broke down the fourth wall between celebrities and civilians, the closest we got to glimpses of our favorite Hollywood darlings’ actual lives came in the form of paparazzi photos. Now, with platforms like Instagram and Twitter, celebrities like our forever fave Drew Barrymore have the ability to be far more candid with their fans — which can have both positive and negative effects. In Barrymore’s newest Instagram campaign #TheWayItLooksToUs, she’s seeking to shed light on what life looks like on the ugly days, and it’s pretty inspiring to see.

On Wednesday, Barrymore launched a five-day Instagram campaign using the hashtag #TheWayItLooksToUs. She began with a video where she explained that when she and her daughter were running late that morning, Barrymore left the house in sweatpants. “I felt like I didn’t look like a proper mom,” she said in the first Instagram post in the series, “and I started beating up on myself, so typical of what parents do to themselves.”

The experience inspired her to launch a five-part series of photos examining the sometimes difficult parts of life, like kids, relationships and wellness. In her post about kids, Barrymore compared a painting of perfectly put-together young girls in matching dresses and hair bows holding milkshakes with a video of her own daughters, covered in powdered sugar. In her post about life, she compared a photoshoot with her makeup and hair done to a photo of herself crying, makeup-free. Barrymore’s post about wellness compared a fitness ad to what it looks like when she works out and finally, her post about relationships was a candid look at her marriage and subsequent divorce from her daughters’ father, Will Kopelman, with whom she split in 2016.

In the second post from her series, Barrymore wrote, “What I can’t hide is that some days are difficult and not so pretty. And I realize I am lucky with solvable problems and my gratitude is never-ending. But sometimes life can just get to you and take you down for a minute! But we cry and then pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other. Can anyone relate?”

Barrymore’s candor about her life has always been worthy of appreciation, but this series of photos, in particular, has us grateful for her presence on Instagram. Life isn’t always glamorous and we’re glad she’s recognizing that and inviting others to do some self-examination as well.

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