SEOUL – Who is speaking the truth?

To find out, the South Korean police intend to question pop group JYJ’s Park Yoochun and his former fiancee Hwang Ha-na together.

She claims that they took drugs together two or three times this year but Park, 32, said “when I saw a report that Hwang said a celebrity offered her drugs, I was so scared that the person could be mistaken for me”.

Hwang, 31, is a grand-daughter of Namyang Dairy founder Hong Doo-young.

Now, CCTV footage has revealed that Park – donning a mask – supposedly wired funds to a drug dealer’s bank account.

He then picked up a package at a quiet location, reported the allkpop portal.

The singer claims he did this only as a favour for Hwang, with no knowledge of who he was sending money to, or what was in the package.

Park also refuted talk that the needle marks seen on his hand in the CCTV footage were linked to drug-taking, insisting that the marks came from injuries he sustained.

Hwang was arrested recently while Korean media said Park has been banned from leaving the country.

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