Singer Daniel O’Donnell has said that he is delighted with his Room To Improve home renovations, but discussed the infamous squabble he had with Dermot Bannon on television.

The Donegal-born singer was on The Late Late Show discussing the moment he put aside his usual genial personality when Dermot Bannon doubled the budget for the renovation of his house.

The 56-year-old said that himself and the host of Room To Improve didn’t always see eye-to-eye when he was on the show and an argument over ensuites ensued when Daniel wanted one in every room.

“When we decided to do this show, I was adamant that we would end up with the house that we wanted,” he said.

“We didn’t know what we wanted and we certainly wouldn’t have done what he did ourselves. I didn’t, no more than anybody else, grow up with toilets everywhere. In fact, when I was small, the toilet was across the road.

“That doesn’t say that we have to still live in that era, so we have toilets in every room. You never know when you’ll be caught short.”

While Dermot saw removing some of the ensuites as a way to save money in the project, Daniel wouldn’t part with any of his toilets. He said that the architectural designer’s plan were far too lavished, with original plans for the refurbishment of one of the bathrooms, set at over €20,000.

“The original budget was €200,000,” he said.

“To put it in perspective, they were going to do everything for that, and then when we got to this reveal, it was €395,000. You would need to be depositing gold in that ensuite.

“That would be the dearest ensuite that ever was built so I couldn’t buy into that. I suppose there were a few things that people thought strange and Dermot couldn’t understand how I could go from wanting these ensuites, then to want to keep these wardrobes that would only save you about €200.

“But like, there was nothing wrong with the wardrobe. I go in every time I’m home, I look at these two wardrobes and I thing ‘God they are lovely’.”

Daniel is set to embark on a cruise with his wife Majella as the pair’s Christmas present to each other, but in the meantime, he says, they will get plenty of use of the settee and bed that they gifted each other last year.

“We have a great house I have to say Dermot is an amazing man he is just so talented and we’re just delighted with the house,” he said.

“The couch and settee was just last year’s present because of the house. We’ve already got the present we’re going on a cruise. That’s not until April, so we’ll be on the settee and the bed until then.”

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