LOS ANGELES – Supermodel Chrissie Teigen has done the counting for fans of John Legend. For the record, her singer-husband has 30 teeth while their nine-month-old son Miles Theodore Stephens has just two.

This was revealed by Teigen, 33, who shared details of her family when she posted photos online over the weekend.

On Saturday (Feb 23), she had marked Miles’ development with a photo that showed him with a chalkboard that listed details such as his love for his sister Luna Simone who is 2½ years old.

He also likes “toys with music noises” and “bath time” while he hates quinoa, never mind if it is a fashionable food for many millennials.

Legend, not wanting to be left out of the fun, also posed like Miles, with the photo shared online the next day.

Besides noting that he is 482 months old, his chalkboard mentions that he loves “my family” but is turned off by two things – beets and bad grammar.

“Wow they grow up so fast,” Teigen could not resist having a dig at her husband in the caption.

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