SHANGHAI – Chinese actor Zhai Tianlin has posted an apology on Weibo after netizens raised doubts over his academic achievements.

He had highlighted his master’s and doctoral degrees from Beijing Film Academy, and had been admitted as a post-doctorate student by Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

In his apology, Zhai said he was obsessed with fame and had now asked to drop out of his studies at the university.

But he did not address the accusations levelled by netizens over issues such as plagiarism, reported the CGTN portal.

His troubles began in August during a live video appearance when he said he knew nothing about the China National Knowledge Infrastructure, an online academic library in China.

A blogger said Zhai’s doctoral graduation dissertation could not be found in the CNKI database.

Others noted that 40 per cent of another paper he published in a journal had come from the work of a professor.

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