A ‘bird-pocalypse’ was spotted soaring above a US motorway on Monday.

The massive murmuration took place in Austin, Texas, in the US, and even closed a lane of the highway.

The birds can initially be seen perched on railings but as the traffic passes by, they suddenly take flight.

The flock spreads and fills the skies above, creating incredible silhouettes against the sun. 

One eyewitness who filmed the amazing sight said: "I was in the car with my friend driving along the highway in traffic when suddenly huge flocks of birds started flying and landing on the edge of the highway.

"Cars had to move out of the lane because there were so many.

"It was really cool but kind of scary."

It is not clear what birds were involved in this case, but huge murmurations of starlings are often seen in the UK.

According to the RSPB, starlings create them as protection against predators. 

They also gather to keep warm and exchange information over roosting sites.

The murmurations can sometimes swell to more than 100,000 birds and are most likely to occur in the autumn at dusk.

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