Billie Eilish recently took to Instagram for a live Q&A session that stirred a heated debate. When asked about “The Dress,” a dress the artist wore five years ago that caused an optical illusion that confused fans of its colors, the artist referred to a similar situation where her father was confused about the colors of a pair of Nikes she wore. After pulling out the shoe to the camera, Billie was shocked to find that many agreed with her dad.

What many thought to be a pink and white pair of Nike Air More Uptempos on camera were actually mint and white. The artist took a Google Image screenshot of the actual shoes and revealed its original color. She remained adamant on the shoe’s real colors, telling her fans that the shoe is indeed mint and put an end to the debate after showing additional images of the shoes. The debate, however, was left unfinished since some fans were still stuck on the color they kept seeing, but Billie decided to cut the “nonsense” and ultimately end the session.

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