NEW YORK – Even a multimillionaire must get tired of shopping in ritzy boutiques.

How else to explain the fact that superstar singer Beyonce was spotted doing what many Americans enjoy doing – perusing the many useful bargains at discount store Target?

On Monday, her Beyhive fans were abuzz with excitement over photos of an orange jumpsuit-clad Beyonce checking out the wares at a Los Angeles outlet.

It is not known what the wife of rapper Jay-Z and mother of three bought but the photos showed her in the diapers’ aisle, reported USA Today.

The HuffPost portal speculated that she could be shopping for a gift for daughter Blue Ivy, who turned seven on Monday.

Beyonce is actually no stranger to Target. She was also seen at another store in December 2017 shopping with her mother and Blue Ivy.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen – who launched her own cookware line at Target in September – jumped on the latest Beyonce sighting to whip up some publicity for her products.

She tweeted: “Beyonce, you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives.”

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