SINGAPORE (ASIAONE) – Cecilia Cheung’s recent Instagram post has got fans wondering – did she or didn’t she? Get married, that is.

The actress and entrepreneur had wiped all photos from her account and retreated from the public eye for almost three months following the birth of her third son, Marcus, in November.

But earlier this month, the actress launched a flurry of posts on the social media platform, mostly plugging her e-commerce business.

One recent post on Feb 10 showed Cheung in a wedding gown and full bridal headgear, which got fans wondering if the 38-year-old had secretly gotten hitched.

That same day, she posted a video clarification rebuffing the rumours, stating: “Good morning, a lot of people who saw my photo earlier thought I had gotten married… So, if you saw the news, please do not believe it, it’s not going to happen.”

Turns out it’s simply a publicity shot (or stunt?) for her newly-launched bridal accessories line.

Of course, the Hong Kong-born beauty took the opportunity to give it a mention in her video, as well as her new furniture design service.

Make no mistake, the seasoned celebrity is definitely one savvy social marketeer.

Speaking in Cantonese, she said: “If you need help with furniture design, you can e-mail my company anytime. Or if you’re getting married and want Cecilia Cheung’s help, you can look for me!”

Her SeeCeciStreet brand and online portal was created in 2017, hawking products ranging from clothing, watches, wallets to even sunscreen.

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However, owning a piece of Ceci doesn’t come cheap.

A jacket which her sons Lucas and Quintus have been sported wearing in her videos reportedly costs HK$3,888 (about S$777), while a watch with “tourbillon movement” goes for a steep HK$28,800 (S$5,750), reported Shin Min Daily News. The paper wrote in to ask if all items are personally designed by the actress, but has yet to receive a reply as of press time.

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