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Hello! Welcome to your daily roundup of what’s going on in pop culture.

There are endless things to discover in the Times archive, not least how critical voices have changed over the decades. In a new project, the original reviews of 10 classic Christmas movies have been unearthed to see how they look in today’s cultural light. The 1984 movie “Gremlins,” especially, did not fare well.

1. A heist with star power

This upcoming Netflix heist movie has not one, not two, but five ex-military men looking to make some money. “Triple Frontier” sees Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hunnam playing veterans who plan to rob a cartel leader. “You’ve been shot five times for your country, and you can’t even afford to send your kids to college,” explains the trailer’s voiceover.

2. No press, no cameras

I love reading about Hollywood night life in the ’80s, when there were no camera phones to record misbehavior. This Hollywood Reporter piece on a Los Angeles nightclub owned by Helena Kallianiotes, an actress and belly dancer, is a delight, not least for her description of the scene: “Prince on the dance floor; Paul Getty in his wheelchair doing circles; Sean Penn punching someone over Madonna: People being themselves — it just happened a bunch were really famous.”

3. So long, ‘My Brilliant Friend’

HBO’s adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s wildly popular novel aired its final two episodes last night, with a fiercely moving final wedding scene. You can read a conversation about the season here, or maybe you’re looking for something to watch next? Browse my guide.

4. The year in dissonance

Do you dare to relive the news stories of 2018? The Times Styles desk has turned this dissonant year into a game in which “the more you experience of 2018, the more awards you’ll win.” If only this year had really been like that.

5. Women in the movies

The top movies from 2014 to 2017 starring women earned more than male-led films, whether they were made for less than $10 million or for $100 million or more, according to new research. Maybe now we can do away with the perception that female leads are bad for business?

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