The sounds of Spain were ringing out in a Calgary classroom this week as an 11-year-old boy warmed up for a major trip to develop his already impressive skills as a Flamenco guitarist.

Harry Knight was playing for his Grade 6 classmates at Cambrian Heights School, showing his mastery of an instrument he’s been playing since he was four years old.

“(This is) probably my favourite song,” Harry said. “It really gets people up to dance.”

He’s been getting audiences up on their feet in all kinds of places in recent years.

“I’ve played in Mexico, Australia, Spain, England,” Harry said.

“I have a goal to try to play guitar on every single continent. Antarctica’s going to be pretty hard, but I’ll just play for the scientists.”

He’s now getting ready to head back to Spain to study with the masters of Flamenco.

“You go in their house and it’s a face-to-face lesson,” Harry said. “It’s a really nice thing.”

He’ll be continuing the work he began with his dad, Peter, a guitar teacher himself.

“What I’m really proud of is the perseverance that he has, the dedication,” Peter said. “I really admire that.”

Harry often spends three hours a day practising.

“It’s been hard but I’ve never wanted to quit.”

Playing for his classmates is part of warming up for a show Harry is doing to raise money for his trip to Spain.

That event happens Saturday, Feb. 9 at the University Theatre, on the campus of the University of Calgary.

“It’s really awesome how he’s found a passion at such a young age,” classmate Tyson Goold said. “And he’s still trying to get better at it.”

“I don’t ever want to stop playing,” Harry said. “It’s a career that I want to do when I’m older.”

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