But with a new day job – selling houses in the plush area of London’s St John’s Wood – the 37-year-old rapper-turned-sales negotiator, real name Anna Gilford, is almost unrecognisable in her Zara suit, silk shirt and Gucci scarf.

Hi, Anna! How did the new job come about?

I’ve had a passion for property for a long time – I bought a property in East London before the 2012 Olympics and started watching the market, but I struggled to get a break, so I entered X Factor. But I’ve been at Chancellors [estate agents] for four weeks now – things are going well.


Have you sold your first house yet?

I’m really busy – I’ ve done two deals on two flats since I’ve been with the company, both in prime locations. I’ve done some viewings on expensive houses, but I haven’t sold those yet, hopefully that will come with experience.

Do people recognise you on viewings?

A couple, but because I’m not wearing my cap and my glasses, some people don’t. Sometimes I can’t walk down the street without getting chased by school kids, so it’s refreshing to be treated as a normal person.

Do you ever rap at work?

I haven’t yet, but there’s always the Christmas party!

Are you still singing in your spare time?

I love performing and music is my passion, but I wanted some structure in my life. My Honey G hours can be unsociable – it’s nice to do something during the day. Being famous can be lonely. I’ve seen all sorts of things – ‘Honey G’s rap career has failed’ – I’ve not gone out and got a job because my rap career has failed. My dreams are still alive.

What’s been your most extravagant purchase?

I bought a Victoria Beckham outfit for a wedding, it cost almost £700. I’ve also bought a work coat, boots, a couple of Zara suits and some satin shirts from Hawes & Curtis.

Little Mix have just left Syco, are you pleased you had a one-single deal?

I was happy to have the opportunity I did with Syco. It’s a shame we didn’t release more music together. It’s tough trying to make my label a success. What I really need is radio play.

Are you going to be releasing a Christmas single?

There will be music in the New Year. If Simon [Cowell] asked me to work on a Christmas single, I definitely would.

Do you still keep in touch with Sharon Osbourne?

A few weeks ago I got a sweet text from her saying I was a true friend of hers. It really touched me. She will always have a place in my heart.

What do you think of the new judging panel?

It’s brilliant. Ayda [Field] is doing an amazing job, she’s surprised a lot of people – she’s a good judge. Robbie [Williams] is amazing and I think Louis [Tomlinson] is doing well.

I think they’re probably charging a lot more for tickets than me. I don’t know what their plans are, but I’d love to collaborate!

Are you dating anyone?

I’m single. I’m looking for a lovely woman who is beautiful on the inside and someone I can share my life with and one day settle down, have children and get married. I’m a bit shy to go on dating apps. I’ve always been obsessed with [American rapper] Queen Latifah, maybe she wants a property in St John’s Wood…

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