Victoria Pendleton called time on her decade-long marriage with husband Scott Gardner last July, announcing her decision on Twitter. While she was upfront about the couple’s heartbreaking decision to go their separate ways, the cyclist posted a heartbreaking cartoon. The image showed an illustration of a child and horse, captioned: “What have you learned? That no matter how it appears, everyone has their struggles.”

The sportswoman’s statement read: “After 10 years together I am very sad to say that Scott and I have grown apart, despite our best efforts in trying to make our marriage work, we have come to the decision to go our separate ways.

“It has been an extremely difficult time and a tough decision to make.

“We want to look ahead to the future and stay positive.

“We would both gratefully appreciate our privacy being respected as we navigate what is a deeply personal time for us.”

Who was her husband?

Victoria and Scott Gardner met around the time of the 2008 Beijing Games when Scott was a member of the Team GB’s cycling coaching team.

They married five years later in September 2013 in Cheshire.

At the time, Victoria said, “Seeing Scott at the top of the aisle is an image I’ll keep in my mind forever.

“I’m very lucky to have met him. If I hadn’t had done sport, our paths would never have crossed.”

The couple, who had no children at the time of their split, broke up not long after Victoria revealed she had dealt with depression.

Her period of low mental health followed her failed attempt to climb Mount Everest in May with Ben Fogle.

Victoria previously admitted her husband had not wanted her to undertake the daunting and dangerous mountaineering feat.

She said: “In an ideal world, he would like to be able to stop me, but he knows that won’t make me happy.”

After the attempt failed, she said: “He thinks I am nuts for coming up here, so he’ll be glad that I am back. He just thinks I am a bit crazy.”

Now, following the split, the Olympic cyclist revealed she has turned to online dating to find love like the rest of us.

The 38-year-old retired bike rider is back on track in her search for love after joining Tinder, according to The Mirror.

A source told the publication: “It’s a bit of fun. No doubt there will be plenty of admirers.”

The gold medallist has posted photos of herself sipping champagne in one picture while another shows her wrapped up in a towel.

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