Donald Trump‘s daughter Tiffany Trump posted a black square on Instagram on Tuesday (June 2), seemingly in solidarity with Blackout Tuesday. Her mom Marla Maples, ex wife of the President, also posted the black square.

Blackout Tuesday was a day meant to amplify black voices,observe, mourn and bring about policy change.

Tiffany posted a black square along with the quote, ”Alone we can achieve so little; together we can achieve so much.”- Helen Keller #blackoutTuesday #justiceforgeorgefloyd.”

The comments on Tiffany‘s post were very mixed. One user wrote, “Fitting that you used a Helen Keller quote here, as you and your family continue to be blind and deaf to what’s really going on.”

Another user added, “Hey Tiffany, have you tried to talk to your father about the racist and dangerous words he’s been using throughout his presidency? That seems like a great place to start.”

Another simply wrote, “Thank you for saying something.”

This isn’t the first time Tiffany‘s social media activity has gotten attention.

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