The numbers are still coming in for Tenet.

The Christopher Nolan film brought in $6.7 million domestically over the weekend for a total of $29.5 million thus far in its U.S. run, THR reported Sunday (September 13).

The small box office success is largely due to movie theaters remaining closed in major markets like Los Angeles and New York City.

However, it is doing well internationally, with an estimated global gross of $207 million overall.

“In an unprecedented move, Warner Bros. has been shielding domestic grosses from public view by blocking anyone from seeing Tenet numbers on Comscore, a receptacle for real-time grosses provided by cinemas. Sources say the studio wants to control the narrative, versus having rival studios weigh in. The only number previously given out by Warners was the $20.2 million earned by Tenet through Sept. 7 after opening Sept. 3 where it could in the U.S. and the weekend before in Canada,” THR also reported.

More than 25% of the entire box office marketplace remains closed, but theaters in New Jersey and Orange County began to reopen, which proved to be a “major boost.”

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