Not only did Amber admit to wanting to ‘hang myself’ before quitting ‘Teen Mom OG’, but Tyler was shocked to learn that his separation with Catelynn could lead to a divorce.

Nearly all of the stars of Teen Mom OG were left in tears during Part 1 of the reunion special on Dec. 24, when they were forced to relive their highs and lows from this past season. We’ve watched the show since it premiered in Dec. 2009, and we have to admit that we’ve never seen a reunion quite as dramatic as this one was. There was a shocking suicide admission, talk of more sex between two new cast members, and so much more! One star was even left shell-shocked when he discovered he could be getting divorced. Want to know all the details? Check out the biggest reveals below!

1. Amber Portwood first revealed how she was going to kill herself upon recently feeling suicidal. “I was going to hang myself. And that’s real s***. I come home and I try to talk to my loving fans who I adore — I help so many f***ing people — and I have to deal with people calling me a bad mom when I’m going through this s***?”

2. Amber then announced that because of the way she feels, she’s quitting the show! “I’m done. I’m done with this show. I f***ing quit. This show is done,” she said. Amber then explained to Dr. Drew that when Catelynn suffered from post-partum depression, she got a month off from filming, yet Amber was only allowed to take one week off. However, Dr. Drew tried explaining to Amber that if she wanted to go to treatment like Catelynn did — instead of dealing with it herself at home — she’d likely get the same amount of time off. And then he added, “I would miss you profoundly if you were not a part of this [show].”

3. Meanwhile, Maci admitted that she was once scared to love her husband, Taylor. “Being with someone like Taylor — he is so good to me and such a good dad — it was almost weird. Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy, I know. I was afraid to be happy. The comfortableness was scary. I thought that maybe I would lose a bit of my fire if I was okay … [I was afraid] that I’d forget how to fight,” she explained. When Dr. Drew asked her if she felt that she always had to be fighting, she said, “I thought so.”

4. Later, Cheyenne admitted that she “didn’t know” why she and Cory had sex in the season finale. She even admitted they’re still having sex, when she explained, “This is honestly what we’re trying to figure out right now. OK, we crossed a line… we keep crossing the line.” She then continued, “We’re not ready to be in a relationship. Cory’s young — he still likes to have fun.” But Dr. Drew then said it sounds like she’s ready even though Cory may not be, to which she agreed.

5. When it was Catelynn’s turn, she told Dr. Drew that “one drunk camping night” is what led to her getting pregnant by Tyler again. It was the one time they weren’t using protection since her recent miscarriage. “All it takes is one time,” she told the audience.

6. Finally, when Tyler joined Catelynn on stage, he told Nessa why he feels their separation is so important. “I needed time to decompress [after Catelynn returned from rehab],” he said before confirming that he did, in fact, feel “resentment and anger” over how she handled her behavior around her illness. “After a certain time, [I blamed her for being sick,” he explained. “[She has to] take accountability.” He also revealed that much of Catelynn’s behavior didn’t change after her first trip to rehab — she’s stay in bed for days on end and not change her clothes — so that’s why she went back to treatment. But once she came home again, he realized he needed time to deal with his bitterness towards her.

7. As for what they’re both hoping to work on in their marriage, Tyler said, “I think the goal is to just figure out who we are as individuals. I think me and Cate just got together super young and we use each other for survival … I feel like we got so lost … Who am I if I’m not Catelynn’s husband? Who is Tyler?” They were all valid questions, but Dr. Drew then told Tyler that statistically most separations end in divorce, and even Tyler was surprised to hear that. “I didn’t know that,” he said.

8. Despite that, both Tyler and Catelynn confidently revealed that they still feel “passion” for each other after Dr. Drew said he always worried that they’d fall into a brother-sister sort of relationship, given the fact that they practically grew up together.

9. Finally, Tyler said that it probably wasn’t the best time to be bringing another baby into their world, but “it’s happening…” And after he said that, Catelynn looked petrified. Yikes.

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