Essence is reporting that Taraji P. Henson went ahead and stepped in a big ole’ pile of shit after she tried making some kind of a statement about the #MuteRKelly movement, comparing it to the reactions against Harvey Weinstein. Did trying to compare two devils to see which is worse turn out well for Taraji? Nope!

Taraji posted an Instagram Story showing her going through some hashtags on Twitter. She found a ton of #MuteRKelly associated hashtags meant to dissuade people from listening to R. Kelly’s music and giving him money he doesn’t deserve. But she couldn’t find any for #MuteWeinstein or #MuteHarveyWeinstein which to me makes sense since he is not a singer. This stumped Taraji, though, who then posted a thinking emoji and captioned it “Hmmm.” Which would be what everyone looking at her social media would be asking themselves after seeing her post.

Weinstein of course has been charged and accused of a bunch of sexual crimes and is still going through legal proceedings and may be going to jail forever after surrendering himself to NYPD last May. He also had to step down from his company. Meanwhile, R. Kelly only just got dropped by his record label.

Twitter thought Taraji was trying to make a point that because R. Kelly is black he’s getting more attention than Harvey, but Twitter wasn’t into that comparison:

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