He’s already been a judge on The X Factor but Gary Barlow isn’t as keen on the idea of working with his wife like bandmate Robbie Williams.

Angels singer Robbie, 44, judged on this year’s show 
with his other half Ayda Field – something Gary, 47, thinks Mrs Barlow would never do.
‘I’d like to… she’d hate it!’ says Gary, when we catch up with Take That at the opening night of their West End show The Band.Gary started dating his wife Dawn when she was hired as a backing dancer with Take That in the 90s but, despite his fame, the pair have kept their 18-year-old marriage mostly 
out of the spotlight.


What about a reality TV show? ‘The Barlows!’ chips in Howard Donald, but Gary’s 
not convinced. ‘I don’t think so, we’re not interesting [enough].’ But a couple who are rumoured to be getting their own reality show is Robbie and Ayda.

Despite recovering from their hectic X Factor schedules, the duo still turned out to support the musical’s debut with Gary, Howard and Mark Owen last week. Reviewing his time on 
the judging panel, Robbie describes it as ‘a happy kind 
of exhausting’ adding, ‘It’s been 
a revelation and fun.’ But they both remained tight-lipped on whether they’re set to return next year. When asked, Ayda, 39, replies, ‘Oh 
I don’t know, I need to sleep, 
I need to hibernate.’

Slightly awkwardly, Mark, 46, confesses he would love a go at judging, but adds, ‘They’ve never asked me!’
With Robbie keen to rejoin the band at some point in the future – both on tour and in the studio – and with the added hope of ‘coaxing Jason [Orange] out of retirement’, it looks like 2019 could be a very exciting time for Take That fans.

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