More details on the car crash that Precious Harris suffered before her death has been revealed in a new traffic accident report that HollywoodLife obtained. Here’s what happened before her hospitalization.

Before passing away on Feb. 22, Precious Harris suffered a serious car crash the week prior (Feb. 13). T.I.’s sister, who was 66 years old when she died, had an asthma attack while driving a 2013 Dodge Avenger in Atlanta, according to the Atlana PD traffic accident report that HollywoodLife obtained. The report claimed that her granddaughter Kairi Chapman, who was in the car, told the responding officer that Precious “went unconscious and veered into a telephone pole.” The airbags on the front diver’s side and front passenger side were deployed, and the vehicle sustained damage to the front bumper, front hood and front windshield. We have reached out to T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ reps for comment.

Upon arriving on the scene, the officer found Precious was unconscious but still breathing, the traffic report added. However, she “started to foam at the mouth,” received CPR, and paramedics transported her to the hospital afterwards. Meanwhile, emergency medical services (EMS) treated Precious’ granddaughter based on complaints of chest pain, and she was eventually released.

Precious’ death has rocked her family, as multiple members posted heartbroken tributes to their beloved relative who was a recurring face on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. Tiny shared a video in remembrance of her sister-in-law along with a heartfelt caption on Feb. 24, while Precious’ daughter, Kamaya Harris, also paid her respects on Instagram. She also gave an EXCLUSIVE interview to HollywoodLife, telling us, “She was everything. Can’t even put it in words. She passed today.”

The loss has hit T.I. hard, as a source EXCLUSIVELY told us, “T.I. is inconsolable right now over the loss of his sister. He is overwhelmed by the tragedy of Precious’ death, and can’t even begin to imagine his life without her.” The “Whatever You Like” rapper even shared his last text message from his older sister on Feb. 24, and it was in support of his Gucci boycott!

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