The ‘Three’s Company’ actress notes that she and her husband, Alan Hamel, have had to halt their regular Facebook Live happy hour sessions to recover from her injury.

AceShowbiz -Actress Suzanne Somers is “on the mend” again after undergoing neck surgery following a fall at home.

The “Three’s Company” star was still recovering from a fractured hip, suffered in late 2019, when both she and her husband, Alan Hamel, recently lost their footing on their staircase at their Palm Springs, California property.

Somers had to go under the knife to fix the issue caused by her latest injury, and she told fans all about it in a message posted online on Wednesday, October 07.

“Thank you so much for all of your concern while Alan and I took a break from our normal schedule,” the actress shared.

“As most of you know, I have been struggling for the better part of the year with a fractured hip, and then Alan and I took an unfortunate fall while coming down the stairs at our home.”

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“I had an intense amount of pain after the fall that was not resolving – even after having tequila!” she continued. “After several scans, it was determined I had two vertebrae out of place which was causing pressure on nerves and creating that tremendous pain.”

“The good news is that I had neck surgery to correct these issues and now I am on the mend!”

Although she is now doing much better, Somers and Hamel have had to halt their regular Facebook Live happy hour sessions with fans, filmed at their home bar, Big Al’s.

“I need a bit more time to recover before I can join you again at the bar for our virtual cocktail parties,” she added.

Somers will be hoping to at least be able to raise a glass next week – she turns 74 on 16 October.

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