Stephen “tWitch” Boss and wife Allison Holker are proving white privilege is indeed real in their new video on TikTok.

While listening to Big Mamma’s “Check Your Privilege,” the married couple start with all 10 fingers up, however, as the statements were said.

The statements included “Put a finger down if you have been stopped or detained by police for no valid reason” and “Put a finger down if you have been bullied solely because of your race”, among others.

At the end of the video, Allison still has most of her fingers up, while Stephen, has none.

Allison and Stephen, were married in 2013, and share two children together, Maddox (who is in the video), and Zaia. Allison also has another child, Weslie, from a previous relationship.

Watch the video below:

##blacklivesmatter @twitchtok7

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