I know this is not the most important thing facing us as a nation, but I’ve always liked the way Nancy Pelosi dresses and styles herself. She’s so fashionable. She wears tailored suits and flattering dresses, she loves statement jewelry (big necklaces and brooches) and in the current crisis, she’s been coordinating her face masks and face bandanas. It looks awesome and I feel like this is the way forward, from a sartorial perspective. I told you this wasn’t the most important thing, but whatever. Let’s talk about Speaker Pelosi’s masks!

Considering her sensible-yet-epic closet, it’s no secret that she already had a wealth of rich-lady scarves. She’s now using those scarves to coordinate LEWKS. Plus she’s buying some coordinated masks too – even Hillary Clinton has been admiring Pelosi’s mask/suit coordination game. Vogue also did a nice write-up on Pelosi’s masks.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi will likely push through a House vote today on a $3 trillion relief package – called the Heroes Act – for even more coronavirus relief. Pelosi and her Democratic caucus are arguing over this or that, meanwhile the Republican party continues to completely abdicate responsibility for everything.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Leader of the House majority, and of mask-to-pantsuit color coordination: @speakerpelosi

Photos courtesy of IG, Avalon Red, Getty.

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