It seems like Scott Disick cannot stay away from 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, despite widespread condemnation and disgust.

Meanwhile, his 22-year-old ex is flaunting her outrageous hotness in the Bahamas … and on Instagram.

Sideboob is one of Instagram’s hottest menu items because, well, it’s actually allowed on the site.

That is a dish that Sofia Richie is serving up in spaces as she wears barely-there bikinis … and sometimes, a hat.

Whether she intends to or not, these photos are a great reminder to Scott of exactly what he’s missing.

Sofia is an outrageous hottie and a professional model.

Even when she’s lounging on vacation, she looks runway-ready, or like she’s in the middle of a photoshoot.

It doesn’t hurt that she has such a majestically beautiful backdrop as the crystal clear ocean and broad blue sky.

Not all of us would waste November and the pleasantly cool autumn weather that it brings in the Bahamas.

But tropical vacations during the coolest months are something of a tradition among the wealthy and beautiful.

Maybe it’s because they’re tiny, maybe it’s because Los Angeles warps people’s perceptions of weather, but many of these model types do not enjoy being cold.

We won’t hold Sofia’s reptilian sense of comfort against her, however.

Not when she’s smacking us all in the face with her scorching hot photos on vacation.

It’s worth noting that she, alongside Abby and Isabelle Smidt (no strangers to the modeling world), was not alone at the beach.

Sofia spent some time observing the wildlife.

For most beachgoers, that usually means … well, mostly crabs and seagulls.

But Sofia’s Bahamas vacation took her to where wild but friendly pigs live and swim.

It seems apparent that Sofia (and Abby) took some warming up before interacting with the pigs.

Remember, wild animals that are friendly to humans are still wild, so some caution is usually warranted.

Over time, however, Sofia dared to interact with these amphibious hogs a little more closely.

Sofia obviously spent some time psyching herself up, with encouragement.

Over time, as you can see from her multitude of thirst traps, she got braver and bolder.

Soon, she was walking among the pigs and wading into the crystal clear water with them.

Bravery has its limits, and it looks like at one point, Sofia became a little nervous.

Pigs are big animals. Maybe not as big as the ones that humans eat, but still.

Sofia is a tiny person, and we can see why overly friendly pigs might give her pause.

Still, she clearly felt at peace enough to sit down among the wild pigs and bask in the beauty of where she was.

Most Americans don’t really have much of a vacation budget, especially these days. And many of us would never voluntarily go to the Caribbean.

But these photos certainly make the vista look inviting.

Not every swimmer in the ocean makes for great company, however.

I’m no big city marine biologist, but these sharks that Sofia recorded do not look particularly dangerous, and appear designed to feed on small animals like crabs.

That said … swimming with sharks is a tall order, and not something that we’d recommend. They’re mostly peaceful, but still.

(Besides, the ocean is the sharks’ home — they belong there; we do not)

Sofia’s Disney princess-like adventures with oceanic fauna were certainly enchanting.

But most of her followers are on her Instagram for one type of content in particular.

Sofia is a gorgeous sight to behold, and has been for years.

But seeing a young woman and acknowledging her beauty is a far cry from thinking that just anyone should date her.

Scott was old enough to drive, more or less, when Sofia was born. He was old enough to vote when Amelia was.

Three years before Scott apparently got with 19-year-old Amelia, he was boning 19-year-old Sofia.

It was creepy then. It’s worse now. The dude is 37 years old and a father of three. His current gal pal and his ex are both college age.

We hope that Sofia’s next long-term, serious relationship is with someone way, way less creepy, who won’t waste years of her precious youth in a desperate attempt to feel young.

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