Sir David Attenborough has spoken out against climate change and environmental protests that break the law, saying such an approach is not ‘sensible politics’.

The TV icon meanwhile spoke out in favour of peaceful protest and praised younger protesters for their ‘passion’ in a new interview with The Sun.

‘I don’t think it is sensible politics to break the law,’ the naturalist told the publication.

‘If you are any good at all, some of your demands will be met and then you will be demanding people abide by those new laws. You can’t have it both ways.’

The publication of his comments coincides with news of Extinction Rebellion protesters today blocking the printing presses of The Sun and other newspapers.

Attenborough also told the paper that humanity is at a ‘crossroads’ in terms of climate change, adding it is still possible to avoid the potentially ‘apocalyptic’ consequences.

‘Being wasteful, that is the real sin,’ he said. ‘We are astonishingly wasteful.’

Speaking about shrinking animal populations, he added: ‘Do you know, 70 per cent of all living birds — if you count up woodpeckers, cuckoos, pigeons and so on — are chickens? And 96 per cent of all mammals, by weight, are domestic.’

Attenborough’s documentary film A Life On Our Planet will be released in cinemas on September 28 before launching on Netflix in the autumn.

It looks back at the 94-year-old’s amazing broadcasting career, while doubling up as his witness statement for the natural world.

A second documentary, examining nature’s fragile state, will air on BBC One on September 13.

Attenborough’s recent screen credits include Dynasties and Seven Worlds, One Planet.

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