Brit award winner Finley Quaye has been ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work after pleading guilty to a drunken assault.

The reggae singer, best known for his 1990s album Maverick A Strike, was handed the sentence at Westminster Magistrates' Court a week after admitting to punching a bar manager in the face and threatening to stab police officers.

Quaye, 45, had been performing at Troubadour bar in London's South Kensington on September 7 and was drinking throughout the day, the court heard.

In the early hours of the next day, he turned on bar staff and got "visibly angry" after asking bar manager Robert Jenei to search for a friend's handbag.

"The defendant was seen being verbally abusive and threatening towards the victim and security staff at a licensed premises, saying he was going to punch them in the face," Malachy Pakenham, prosecuting, told the court.

"The defendant then punched the victim in the face."

Quaye had to be held down on the floor before he picked a bicycle and tried to throw it, then stormed across the road to kick a wing mirror off BMW belonging to a security guard.

Mr Pakenham went on: "He was heard saying, 'When I get out I will f**k you up. Not only will I shoot you, I will get a grenade.'

"When told by the police to stop shouting and swearing, he then said, 'You f**king n****r.' When told to stop again, he replied to an officer, 'I will stab you in the kidney, I will stab you in the windpipe.'

"Ironically the manager he assaulted was the person trying to help him," Mr Pakenham said, adding that it was an "unprovoked attack".

When he was interviewed by police the next day, Quaye said he had not eaten properly since arriving at 4pm to rehearse for his show and couldn't remember very much.

He described the bar manager as a "diamond" who he had always enjoyed a good relationship with.

"Mr Quaye accepts that he has got an alcohol problem," Shahnaz Sargent, defending, told the court.

He had been drinking all day. He has performed there on several occasions and is in fact very ashamed of his behaviour. He accepts that he was out of order."

Sentencing him to 200 hours of unpaid work and a rehabilitation order, Judge Michael Snow said: "What makes this offence serious is the level of culpability involved – before the punch you made considerable threats that would have caused significant fear, then you punched this man in the face."

He was also ordered to pay costs and a fine totalling £525 – the court heard Quaye is on benefits and offered to pay the sum at the rate of £15 a week.

When asked if he had any work coming up he replied: "No, not for lack of trying."
Judge Snow said: "If you go around thumping managers in the face, I don't suppose you are going to get much work."

The court heard Quaye has 14 previous ­convictions relating to alcohol.

His convictions include one of aggravated assault in 2012 and cannabis possession in 2003.

He was also convicted of assault in 2016 after headbutting a terminally ill friend in a row over Game Of Thrones.

Quaye scooped a Brit Award in 1998 for Best British Male Solo Artist, following the release of his million-selling debut album Maverick a Strike.

However he was bankrupted in 2012, owing the taxman £383,000.

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