He’s healing! The basketball player’s son shared a hopeful message and photo with his followers from the hospital after the teen’s scary heart surgery.

You can breathe a sigh of relief! After his heart surgery on Dec. 13, Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, 18, updated everyone with how the operation went. “I made it, thank you for all the love and support,” Shareef shared on his Twitter account via his sister, Mimi. “I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers, that’s what helped me through this surgery. I’m on the road to recovery, and I’ll be back soon… better than ever.” Mimi typed out the message to Shareef’s 135,000 Twitter followers while Shareef was probably getting some much-deserved rest after the operation.

A normal doctor’s appointment for the 18-year-old turned into a health scare when Shareef had to schedule heart surgery, according to TMZ. The University of California, Los Angeles basketball player shared inspirational messages on Twitter about his upcoming surgery, tweeting, “Tomorrow is the day 6 a.m., let’s do this.” It’s possible the issue in his heart could have been preventing him from playing the best of his abilities during college ball. The UCLA freshman student said in November, “It’s crazy to think this whole time I was playing I wasn’t 100%… in about 14 days now I’ll have that extra gear that I’ve never played with before… can’t wait until I’m back fully.”

While Shareef will have to sit out the rest of the 2018-2019 basketball season, CBS Sports reported, we’re sure with the love and support from his family and fans, he’ll get back to full health in no time. For now, Shareef is just grateful that UCLA doctors found out about his health issue when they did. “Thank God the UCLA medical staff caught it early,” Shareef told TMZ. “During rehab, I’ll be attending my classes and being a normal student… I’ll be back in no time.”

Now that Shareef is getting better, we have his basketball return to look forward to! We hope the forward – Shareef is 6-foot-9! – has a smooth recovery and can get back to enjoying his first year at college. Once he’s fully recovered, we can’t wait to see what Shaq’s son will do on the court next.

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