Niall Horan was in the house when Selena Gomez’s best friend, Courtney Barry, got married! They may be exes, but Selena and Niall having too much fun at the bash to care. See a cute pic of the duo!

It’s only February, but we’re calling it — Courtney Barry and Sam Lopez had the wedding of the year! And Selena Gomez wasn’t the only celebrity at her best friend’s wedding on February 21. Her rumored ex-boyfriend, Niall Horan, was in the house, too! While that could have been awkward for some exes, it was clear that everything’s fine between Niall and Selena. After all, Courtney would never invite someone to the wedding who made her best friend uncomfortable! A sweet pic from the wedding reception shows the happy newlyweds posing in a photo booth with a giant group of friends, including Selena and Niall. Everyone looks so, so happy! You can see the special pic HERE. 

While it may seem strange to some that the former One Direction member would be at the wedding in Los Angeles, it does make sense. Selena and Niall were friends for years before rumors swirled that they were dating on the down low. Niall clearly got to know Courtney and Sam in that time, and became close enough friends to score an invite! Neither Niall nor Selena have posted about the wedding on social media, but plenty of other people did.

One of Selena’s friends snapped a sweet video of Selena sitting on her friend and assistant, Theresa Marie Mingus‘ lap while they checked out her phone. It was so cute! It also gave us a glimpse at her outfit for the wedding. Selena was glammed up in a full-length, black gown embellished with rhinestones. It’s unclear if Selena was in the wedding party, but her formal dress did look like it could be a bridesmaid (or maid of honor) gown!

Niall was not, however, invited along to Courtney’s bachelorette getaway to the beach with Selena! (Duh). Selena was basically glowing during the Mexico vacation!

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