Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie will be taking some time off to have surgery on her eye, months after her three-year-old son Charley threw a toy train at her right eye causing extensive damage.

The initial injury was a “massive tear” in her retina and retina detachment which cause her to have one surgery back in December.

Now, she will have cataract surgery on that same eye to improve her vision.

“It’s been a long time, I’m super excited,” Savannah said on the air. “I feel like it’s Christmas morning because if they remove this cataract I’ll really be able to see, and I’ve had a hard time seeing.”

About her vision today, she said, “It’s kind of distorted and then it’s got a wavy thing, and now I have this cataract, which is a big blurry spot. Once they remove that blur, I think it will be a lot better.”

She will be taking some time off to recover after the surgery, and added, “Hopefully next time I see you I’ll really see you!”

We are wishing Savannah the best as she prepares for her procedure!

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