From vajazzle appointments to organising play dates, 
a lot has changed for Sam Faiers and Billie Faiers since they 
shot to fame on reality show 
The Only Way is Essex in 2010.

Not only are they now both mums-of-two – Billie to Nelly, four, and Arthur, one, and Sam to Paul, three, and one-year-old Rosie – but Billie, 29, is currently finalising the plans for her wedding to Greg Shepherd.

And when we catch up with the girls for a chat, although they admit it’s been a ‘dream’ come true landing their own show, it sounds like they could do with some time off.

Here, as the sisters launch the fifth series of Mummy Diaries, they fill us in on Billie’s big day in the Maldives and whether Sam, 28, and her boyfriend Paul Knightley will follow in her footsteps and finally get engaged.

Hi girls! Are you looking forward to the wedding?

B: Yeah, I’m trying not to think about it too much because that’s when I’ll get stressed. I’m looking forward to making lovely memories with my family, friends 
and all the kids.

S: I reckon I’ll cry on 
the day. There’ve been lots of mixed emotions up to now anyway– tears of anger, tears of joy.

Will the kids have a special role on the day?

B: Yeah. Nelly, Arthur, Rosie and Paul are all page boys and flower girls, as well as Greg’s sister’s kids. I hope they can all walk down the aisle.

S: They will! I’ll just give Rosie 
a little packet of milk buttons 
to hold. That’s her weakness.


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Sam, fans were convinced that you got engaged last year. Will you have big news of your own to share soon?

S: Everyone always asks me: 
‘When are you getting engaged?’ 
I actually don’t know. Paul will definitely propose one day. 
We talk about it all the time.

Have you told him how you’d like the proposal?

S: It’s really stupid, but I just told him to make sure I look good and I’m at my weight goal!

Congrats on the brand new series of Mummy Diaries! How does it feel?

S: It’s quite surreal! It feels like we’ve been filming since June, so it’s going to be weird, but nice to have some time off when we finish this series. We need a break!

B: This summer is going to be really fun! Now that Rosie’s walking, she’s toddling along with the others, so it’ll be easier for us to go on a holiday.

Do you ever miss them 
being babies?

S: Yes and no. Although the newborn stage is amazing, I feel like it’s getting better. Rosie and Paul are like a little team now.

B: I do. [To Sam] I feel like you’ve still got a baby with Rosie, whereas Arthur’s like my big ole, chubby bunny. I sometimes think, ‘Aww where’s my little baby?’

Is that making you broody 
for more kids?

B: I would want another one, just not yet. Greg’s pretty 
much done, though.

S: We definitely want more 
kids, but I think we’ll wait until little Paul is at school. I think probably when I’m 30.

Did you think your life would be like this five years ago?

B: I think it was more of a dream. Like we always said that we’d like to have our own show.

What would you tell your younger selves?

B: Don’t be orange and take those awful hair extensions out.

S: I think like the outfits 
– less is more!

Sam & Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries is on Weds, 9pm, ITVBe

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