Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Fields revealed that she has to shave his bum and ‘it’s pretty tragic’.

The 41-year-old chooses to do the unfortunate chore out of ‘wifely duties’ and we’re somewhat impressed at the dedication.

Ayda told David Walliams on her Postcards from the Edge podcast: ‘This is what he makes me do. We have to do a wet shave in the bath. I did a wax too.

‘He makes me go in deep. It’s pretty tragic. I choose to do so out of wife duties, but it’s pretty graphic.

‘Rob’s got an incredibly hairy back. He makes me shear the whole backside.’

Oh, Ayda.

Robbie, 46, said medics told him he had the testosterone of a ’99-year-old granddad’, which resulted in him having to take the hormone.

The couple, who are clearly going very strong, have been together since 2006.

However, Robbie recently admitted he dumped his wife of 10 years several times before they got married.

He insisted he didn’t want to get hitched or have children, so he dumped his other half using ‘questionable’ methods.

But Ayda was too ‘in love’ with Robbie and didn’t want to give up on their relationship that easily.

And now she’s stuck shaving his bum so everything’s a-okay!

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