The ex-wife of former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has revealed that she fears for their daughter’s life as her alcoholism has been triggered by his cheating.

It comes as the disgraced presenter blamed daughter Jemma for his marriage split – despite him cheating with her pal.

Julia Keys has opened up about the devastation she faced at the hands of her love rat husband Richard after he had an affair with their daughter’s best pal Lucie Rose.

Julia says that their devastated daughter, former Hollyoaks actress Jemma Keys, is struggling to cope and could even face death if she continues to turn to drink.

“Many, many times I have laid in bed planning Jemma’s funeral. I have it word by word in my head because she has come that close,” Julia told The Sun.

Speaking with Jemma’s permission, Julia – who had been married to Richard for 36 years before discovering his affair – explained that the shocking turn of events has made it “much harder for her daughter to remain sober.”

She continued: “Jemma is massively angry and hurt about what happened between her dad and her old friend.

“She suffers hugely with alcoholism. She’s a lovely girl but it’s been a massive challenge for me, for her, for her father. I always worry she could be one more drink away from death.”

Jemma, 34, who can reportedly drink up to three bottles of wine as well as spirits in a single day, was put on life support for a third time just two months ago.

Julia explained: “Seeing your daughter on a life support machine is devastating. The last time I saw that was just eight weeks ago. It breaks your heart.”

TV presenter Richard, 61, was forced to quit his role as a Sky Sports presenter in 2011 after he was caught making sexist remarks on tape.

He is still in a relationship with Jemma’s former pal, lawyer Lucie, 30, and the couple are now living together in Doha, Qatar, where he works for Al Jazeera Sports.

Julia and daughter Jemma discovered Richard’s affair in 2016 after he had been living in Doha for three years.

“Rejection is often a trigger for Jemma to drink,” Julia continued. “She felt — and still feels — like she was being replaced by Lucie because of her age. She was a daddy’s girl.”

Jemma told The Sun: “I wish addiction upon nobody. It ruins your family, your friends and most importantly yourself.”

Meanwhile, devastatingly, Julia has discovered that the thyroid cancer she battled in 2011 is back.

She said: “I was devastated. Jemma was very upset, she felt guilty. I think she’s stopped ­drinking because of my news.”

Richard previously voiced his regret over his affair in Julia’s book about moving on from infidelity, the Manscript, which was released in May.

He wrote: “If you really love your wife but are tempted to get a bit of excitement elsewhere you have to be prepared to lose the one you really love — it just isn’t worth it.”

In a new blog post, Richard has denied that Lucie and Jemma were ever friends, and claims that the reason his marriage to Julia crumbled was because they disagreed on the best course of treatment for their daughter.

Mirror Online have contacted Richard Keys for further comment.

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