Nene’s troubles with Gregg came to an emotional head during the Feb. 10 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Could they be heading for a split? Read our recap to find out!

Even though Eva and the rest of the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta were continuing their celebration in Tokyo with a bachelorette party — during the Feb. 10 episode — Nene was anything but in high spirits. In fact, even a stripper in a g-string thong couldn’t get her to smile and that was because she and Gregg were barely speaking. She told Cynthia that they were having trouble talking due to his ongoing battle with cancer and the stress it’s causing them. So later, when she was alone, Nene called Gregg to tell him how upset she was over the state of their relationship. And it must have alarmed him because soon thereafter, Nene received a bouquet of flowers in the mail and a love letter from Gregg. As soon as Nene started reading it, her eyes teared up, so Eva had to read it to her aloud. It was a sweet note about how he was sorry for hurting Nene and wanted to make sure she knew how much he loves her. So for now, it doesn’t seem like Gregg and Nene are going to split.

Meanwhile, Kandi and Porsha‘s longstanding rivalry seemed to come to an end this week. During a dinner towards the end of the episode — and their trip to Tokyo — the ladies revealed their current highs and lows in life. Porsha described how much her life has changed for the better since meeting Dennis, and that made Kandi tear up. She realized that everyone gave her a hard time when she first started dating Todd and Todd ended up being such a great man for her, so she felt bad about all the bad things she had said about Dennis this season. Kandi even shed some tears while saying this to Porsha, so it looks like these two finally put their feud behind them. Let’s just hope it sticks!

Other than that, this week’s episode just featured the ladies engaging in a traditional samurai lesson, which was funny to watch. Some epic one-on-one battles happened, too, but nothing as good as when Porsha dragged Kenya across the room during the Season 8 reunion. Oh well.

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