The ladies of ‘RHOA’ were confused after learning Eva had celebrated her forthcoming wedding with a bachelorette party that she neglected to invite her ‘sister’, NeNe Leakes, to.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta headed to Destin, Florida for a girls’ trip during the Dec. 16 episode. And not long after they arrived at the house, Cynthia and Marlo called Eva out for having a bachelorette party and not inviting any of the ladies to it. Especially NeNe, whom Eva had previously described as the “sister she never had.”

“Speaking of girls’ trips, Eva, how was your bachelorette party?” Cynthia asked, before she admitted to the camera: “I was scrolling through Instagram and I noticed that Eva had a bachelorette party in Miami and didn’t invite any of us.”

“It was so bomb. It was just a surprise girls’ trip kind of,” Eva said in an attempt to rectify the situation, but Porsha threw a wrench in that plan when she said, “But I was invited a while ago.”

“Wait, I’m confused. How is this a surprise if you invited Porsha?” Kandi asked. But Eva explained, “Because I had 12 friends that ended up coming to Miami, which was not the original plan.” She further claimed that she didn’t know that many people would be coming to the party.

NeNe, who should have been invited, then told the camera, “I don’t think Eva knows what a surprise is. Because if you’re having a damn surprise, it’s ‘Surprise!’, and you don’t know the s*** is happening.” Either way, Eva insisted it was a surprise — at least for her, “it was.”

Yet, Porsha still didn’t understand why NeNe wasn’t invited, when NeNe had already been asked to speak at Eva’s wedding. So Eva then asked NeNe if she thought it was weird that she wasn’t invited, but NeNe refrained from answering because she didn’t really want to be “in the hot seat.” Instead, Cynthia and Marlo dug into Eva, telling her how “weird” it was that NeNe wasn’t invited, considering how “close” Eva claims she and NeNe are.

After that, the only thing NeNe said was, “Even if you thought a person was busy, you still extend the invite. Whether they’re busy or not.” Watch the uncomfortable moment above.

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