The ‘mystery woman’s identity remains unknown.

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson is “casually dating” a new woman, a couple of months after his much-publicized breakup with Ariana Grande, TMZ is reporting.

A TMZ contributor noticed the 25-year-old at New York City’s Carbone restaurant, accompanied by a “mystery woman” whom the contributor didn’t recognize. Neither, apparently, did anyone at TMZ, as her identity remains unknown.

It could very well be that the woman was just a friend, or perhaps his younger sister, Casey. But anonymous sources tell Page Six that Pete’s dating again.

“He’s been going on dates, but it’s casual.”

And as it turns out, he’s even been using a dating app: according to a Page Six report from last week, anonymous sources say that he joined an “exclusive” dating app to find love, although what is meant by “exclusive” remains unclear.

“He’s been trying to move on and live a more private life.”

If that’s true, his “more private” dating life would be in stark contrast to his very public recent relationship with pop star Ariana Grande.

As Cosmopolitan reported back in June, the young entertainers most likely met for the first time back in March, on the set of Saturday Night Live, where Pete is a cast member and Ariana Grande appeared as a guest host.

Both were dating other people at the time — Ariana with Mac Miller, Pete with Cazzie David. By the middle of May, both had announced that they had broken up with their respective partners, and later in May, the couple were noticed with matching tattoos. By early June they were making cute jokes at each other on Instagram, and on June 15, Pete confirmed that they were engaged.

However, just as quickly as their torrid relationship began, it was over. By October, they were done.

Since their breakup, it appears that Ariana has moved on better than Pete has. Within days of their breakup, she’d dropped a new single, “Thank U, Next,” about their relationship. Pete, however, went on to make fun of a wounded war veteran on Saturday Night Live, and then gave an emotional appeal on “Weekend Update” in which he asked for privacy for both himself and Ariana.

Since then, he reports that he’s been the victim of online bullies, some of whom have been encouraging to kill himself. That’s a lot for anyone to handle, but for Pete, it’s even worse. He’s been diagnosed with a devastating mental illness (Borderline Personality Disorder) and has struggled with depression and drug addiction issues his entire life.

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