It’s embarrassing enough that you’re stealing a crate of Monster energy drinks(?!?), but then your pants get caught on the fence during your getaway and you dangle there like a big imbecile for “hours” until a passer-by has to free you? A prime example of why crime doesn’t pay.

Caters Clips on YouTube posted this CCTV vid of a dude robbing a store in Belgium and getting hung up by his trousers while making those most un-daring escape in the annals of crime.

After climbing over the fence at the back of the Spar Craeghs shop in Kaulille, Belgium, at 3am on Sunday December 16 the potential pilsner pilferer climbed up bread shelves to try and escape.

Carrying a crate of 24 cans of the energy drink Monster over the fence, he quickly loses balance and gets his pants caught on the spiked railings.

This dude got his pants caught TWICE on that evil fence. The moral of this story is that you should wear board shorts or perhaps some sort of unitard when you decide to steal energy drinks (?!?). It will make your getaway way less embarrassing and both of those garments can be quite flattering on an energy drink (was there no alcohol or cash) thief.

Pic: YouTube

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