Remember what happened to poor Randy Quaid?

It started when he and his wife Evi started getting in trouble with the law in 2009, first ditching thousands of dollars in hotel bills and then for burglarizing a property the next year.

And as they went on the run in Canada, the National Lampoon’s Vacation star started saying some pretty off-the-wall things on the internet, like that his brother Dennis Quaid had taken “a hit out on him”. He created (we think?) one of the wildest conspiracy theories we’ve ever heard — that a group of assassins called the Hollywood Star Whackers had murdered actors like Heath Ledger and David Carradine — and were coming after him next.

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All of this ridiculousness culminated in 2015 when he posted a YouTube video in which he put a Rupert Murdoch mask on his wife and then the two simulated having sex on camera. It was… disturbing may be an understatement.

In any case, that was in 2015, in the days before Donald Trump. Back when we could all agree, we were sad for Randy but that he appeared to be completely out of his mind and needed help.

Where are we after four years of the Grifter-in-Chief in office? The man loves to spread conspiracy theories — anything that casts doubt on the truth, that makes people a little less trusting in news, facts, and frankly common sense. Well, now the fringe has taken over the mainstream Republican Party. So much so that his followers don’t believe the election results. They think crisis actors are a real thing. Heck, millions of people think the pandemic we’re experiencing is a hoax, sometimes up until their final gasping breaths.

Well, Trump has now given us a yuge mile marker for what we’ve become as a nation: the President of the United States is now sharing the messages of Randy Quaid.

And no, we don’t mean Bill Pullman.

No, on Tuesday morning Trump found several of Randy’s pro-Trump ramblings (because of course) and happily took any celeb endorsement he could get, starf**ker that he is. Just look at the retweets:

We don’t know how he even happened upon that video from all the way back in 2019, in which Quaid blasts liberals for their belief in climate change, or as he poetically puts it, “their fantastic dreams of icebergs melting into dinosaurs.” Clearly it struck a chord with Trump, who then found Randy’s recent ramblings about the “fraudulent” election and posted a dialogue with those.

And it wasn’t an accident either. He thanks Randy by name after the Independence Day actor calls him “the greatest President this country has eve had”:

Not only that, he was so impressed, he went back over a week into Randy’s ravings to find a video he posted slamming Fox News for not being enough of right wing conspiracy theorists to support Trump trying to subvert US democracy.

So yeah. That’s where we’re at, America.

We just hope at least a few Trump supporters will see this and realize how far they’ve drifted from sanity that they’re in the same boat with the “Star Whackers” guy now.

Of course, being in league with the Pizzagate folks didn’t stop them. And a QAnon supporter even got elected to Congress, so who knows… maybe this is just going to be the new normal. Maybe the Republican Party writ large will just be the party of Trump and Alex Jones and Randy freakin’ Quaid from now on.

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