When it comes to popcorn-worthy influencer romance, what social media platform is doing it like TikTok? Looking at Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio’s astrological compatibility, there are a few astronomical reasons why some melodrama could be on their horizon. For starters, D’Amelio’s Aug. 12 birthday makes her a Leo. Beck’s May 4 birthday means he’s a Taurus. Both signs have a zest for life, which probably explains why these two hit it off in the first place. You may remember how Beck and D’Amelio began hanging out a lot in July 2020, right after D’Amelio’s split from Griffin Johnson.

Long before Beck confirmed their relationship in October 2020, fans sensed a romance brewing. The level of chemistry between these two makes sense when you factor in their zodiac signs. But D’Amelio and Beck’s signs can also be the reason why these two butt heads in an astrologically distinct way. Here’s the tea on Doah’s compatibility, according to the stars.

They’re Both Stubborn As Hell

Both Leo and Taurus are notoriously uncompromising. The same way astrology has "elements" (water, fire, air, and earth), it also has "modalities" — mutable, cardinal, and fixed. Both Leo and Taurus are fixed signs. Sometimes, this means they’re deliberate and thoughtful. Other times, they’re both rigid and aloof. If they can work on their my-way-or-the-highway attitudes, they can build something solid together.

They’re Super Passionate

Prior to being an official item, both D’Amelio and Beck had a hard time keeping their feelings for each other to themselves. For example, back in August, Charli D’Amelio asked her older sister about her relationship with Beck on The Dixie D’Amelio Show. In response, Dixie just laughed and called Beck "cool." Likewise, when asked about D’Amelio by paparazzi in August 2020, Beck brushed romance rumors aside with a "no comment." He still made sure to clarify he found D’Amelio to be "cool," among other things.

If you look at their relationship history, they carried on like this for awhile, all while making extra sweet comments about each other. Now that they’re a legit couple, you can officially attribute D’Amelio and Beck’s extra sweet, smily behavior back to their zodiac signs.

Ruled by the sun, Leo is all about heat and emotions. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is associated with love and beauty. Of course, they couldn’t keep their crushes under wraps. It’s just in their nature to ooze passion. Doah being a Leo-Taurus couple also explains why they’d do something like make out in a music video. (Beck and D’Amelio have smooched in both the "Be Happy" remix video and the Zoey 101 reunion video.)

They’re Always Loyal To Loved Ones

Because fixed signs are OK with deliberation, they will totally wait for their ideal romantic partner. Taurus’ whole thing as a fixed earth sign is stability. They seldom get into relationships with people who can’t provide that security for them. Likewise, Leo loves to feel both needed and appreciated, and tends to pick partners who do well with that sort of energy exchange.

Based on their zodiac signs, Beck and D’Amelio aren’t a complete lost cause, but there is a little bit of tension. If they lean into the way they love so fiercely and remain dedicated partners, they can totally make it work long-term.

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