Model Nina Agdal shared a new Instagram photo with her fans, wearing a red bikini at the beach. She posed on her knees while wearing a simple swimsuit, with a bikini top with thin straps and a basic bottom. Agdal also wore matching red sunglasses, a necklace with a charm, and several rings.

“I was sitting enjoying some conch fritters prior to this pic which explains the lines on my stomach,” she joked. Fans commented, “Woah,” “Goddess!!!!,” and “Omg.”

The model previously shared a few photos of herself in the same outfit, including one where she splashed around at the ocean with dramatic clouds in the backdrop. She also took the sunglasses off for a selfie as she sipped on a drink.

“Glass is always half full and never empty,” she said. Nina wore a short-brimmed hat, along with her hair down. In the backdrop, you could see outdoor patio furniture and an umbrella.

Plus, Agdal infused some fun into her social media feed by sharing some silly holiday-themed photos. One post showed her wearing a onesie that made her look like a giant present, as well as sharing a video of herself wearing a reindeer outfit and going around town with a friend dressed like Santa Claus.

The model previously told Glamour Magazine about all of the things she looks for in her jobs that she takes.

“Moving forward, everything I do has to speak to me. Obviously, we all have to pay rent, so there are certain jobs that you just can’t turn down — I’m just like everyone else. But I would like for every single one to at least speak to me, because after my message, I just can’t stand up for bullsh*t and for this unrealistic illusion of the world and of me.”

The message that she referred to was speaking out against body shaming in a candid Instagram post. The response from the general public was largely positive.

“Up until I said something [on Instagram], I really haven’t opened up to anyone about my struggles or insecurities. Now, just walking down the street, girls and parents come up to me and are like, ‘Thank you for sharing that.’ That’s what really matters to me — like, I was a little girl looking at the supermodels and [thinking] that’s what I wanted to be. There was nothing else—that was what you had to look like. I’m just hoping that for the future little girls out there, they can see that there’s a change, and it’s OK to be who you are.”

In an industry that tends to be all about looks, Nina’s take on beauty was a refreshing and important reminder to everyone about reality versus what’s portrayed. Since then, the model has continued to find success, as her fan count continues to increase.

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