Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell share a son, and the one-year-old’s name is Golden, not Oops. But that isn’t what Wendy Williams called him! See what Brittany had to say in response.

Wendy Williams, 54, referred to the baby boy that Nick Cannon, 38, and Brittany Bell, 31, share as an “oops baby” — and the new mom isn’t taking that comment lying down! Brittany fired back with a Dec. 21 Instagram post. “The honor of bringing life on earth is definitely not an oops,” she captioned the pic, which featured her bare baby bump as she posed with her baby daddy. The former Miss Universe’s response is a little different from Nick’s, considering the father of three just laughed off the comment during his Wendy Williams Show interview and moved right along.

Fans have mixed feelings about the whole thing, some standing behind Brittany in full support and others claiming she shouldn’t be offended by the truth. “Shame that anyone could even speak of a blessing like that. Especially coming out of the mouth of a woman who is a mother herself,” one follower commented, while another added, “If it wasn’t planned then it was an ‘oops’ regardless of the blessing. Quite simple really!” So what exactly did Wendy say on the show that got everyone’s feathers ruffled? “You were only with the girl, like it just happened,” the host said. “Then all of a sudden she was pregnant.” Then she referred to Golden Cannon, 1, as an “oops.”

Whatever camp you fall into, one thing is for sure — little Golden is adorable! Nick and Brittany are lucky parents, and the twins Nick shares with Mariah Carey are lucky older siblings!

#TBT The honor of bringing life on earth is definitely not an oops ? ?: @sarahorbanicphotos

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Nick confirmed that he and the beauty queen were expecting a kid in 2016, and Golden was born in February of the next year. While he and Brittany are not still together, they did spend Christmas under the same roof! has reached out to Wendy Williams’ rep for comment.

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