Maybe there was some truth to those rumors about Miranda Lambert‘s new husband…

As we previously reported, fans have done some digging into Brendan McLoughlin‘s past, with rumors swirling he cheated on his ex-fiancee and got another woman pregnant not too long before marrying the country singer.

Per Us Weekly, a woman named Carol Bruno claims that her daughter, Jackie Bruno, was engaged to the New York City police officer and was completely blindsided by his infidelity. The protective momma confirms to the publication:

“She was engaged to Brendan and he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. It’s all true.”

Ugh. We were skeptical to believe that tweet spilling the tea on this situation, but Bruno is happy to dish the deets!

The concerned mother says her daughter had no idea that another woman — referring to McLoughlin’s baby momma Kaihla Rettinger — was even in the picture, let alone pregnant until Rettinger reached out and informed her:

“She was thrown for a loop, she had no clue. The girl contacted her. Jackie was in Sweden playing professional soccer, got injured and came home and the girl contacted her. She broke the news to her.”

Yikes. If Carol is to be believed here, that is a horrible way to find out such shocking news. She continues:

“ tried to deny it and then begged her to stay with him. She was only going for a few months to play, he was begging her to marry him before she left, even though he knew the girl was pregnant.”

This is a lot to process y’all. We can’t help but wonder what Miranda thinks about all this! Neither she or her new husband have yet to comment on the alleged affair.

Are YOU guys buying Carol’s claims? Should Miranda be worried about her new man? Sound off in the comments (below)!

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