Pop singer Miley Cyrus responded to a humorous relationship checklist posted to the SourPsycho Instagram account that listed five characteristics which the post declared no one man has at the same time. The list started with “good d**k game” and then went on to enumerate the rest – “empathy,” “a height above 5’9,” “no hoes,” and “common sense.”

Apparently, Miley feels that her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, has it all. In her reply to the post, Miley wrote ““Mine does! Don’t give up!”

If that wasn’t already too much information, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart, followed up with her own response — an emoji of a woman raising her hand and the message “I found one!” Lili is dating Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse,

That response led others on social media to speculate that model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin might have also found one. She is dating Cole’s twin brother, Dylan Sprouse.

You can check out the funny post, as well as Miley and Lili’s responses below.

(Image sources: Miley Cyrus and CommentsByCelebs Instagram posts)

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