The Canadian fashion stylist and long-time right-hand woman of the Duchess of Sussex took to her Instagram to share with followers her experience of ‘debilitating’ panic attacks.

Hoping to raise awareness of the mental health condition, the 39-year-old posted an image on her grid explaining what she goes through when she suffers from panic attacks.

‘Panic attacks are a nightmare,’ she wrote. ‘The terrors, I used to call them. Impossible to explain to people how very dishabilitating they are.

‘But know this: they aren’t eternal. You can change your responses over time to stop the meta-panic, the panic ABOUT the panic. Acceptance is resistance.’

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Alongside the image, she wrote the caption: ‘The reality of living with panic attacks can slowly change. Panic breeds panic. Mind over matter and never be ashamed.

‘Thank you @mattzhaig,’ she continued, speaking to the mental health author who was recently praised by the Duchess of Sussex in the September issue of Vogue that she guest-edited.

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‘So many suffer yet we still live in a world where this is not shared enough,’ continued Jessica. ‘This why the @shoeboxprojectmeans so much to me.

‘Living with mental illness is not a choice and can lead to debilitating circumstances. Please follow our charity to understand the struggles some of these women face everyday in shelters.’

Fans praised the mother-of-one for being so candid about her experience, with one commenting: ‘To be open is to help more people to talk about it and see that it’s ok to be a little broken and we can support each other! ❤️❤️❤️’.

Another added: ‘Thank you for this – I practice everyday my response. Sometimes when I try to explain my extreme anxiety, it’s really hard. Thank you also for being a voice and speaking out ?’.

The Shoebox Project is a charity launched by Jessica and her sisters-in-law Caroline, Vanessa and Katy Mulroney that aims to distribute gift-filled boxes to women affected by homelessness.

Originating in Canada, the charity now runs across the United States as well, and is now launching across here in the UK.

Well done to Jessica for raising awareness of the difficult condition!

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