Meghan Markle’s baby has definitely been moving around! While on a trip with Prince Harry, Meghan felt her baby kick inside of her! Watch the video inside.

With only a couple of months remaining in her pregnancy, Meghan Markle, 37, has been showing signs that her future royal child is making its presence known! While visiting Bristol Old Vic, a theater in Bristol, England, on Feb. 1, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry, 34, listened about the history of the venue when Meghan appeared to feel her child kick her!

In the video, Meghan and Harry were seen listening and learning, when Meghan suddenly cradled her stomach and looked down. She probably felt her baby making some movement, explaining her distracted, momentary glance. However, Meghan kept her cool and was gracious despite the likely uncomfortable moment. Meghan’s distraction was only fleeting – after the moment happened, Meghan focused back to whatever she was listening to before the kicking happened! She smiled and kept her hand positioned near her child.

For their fun day out, Meghan wore a long-sleeve black dress with colorful birds, plants, and animals scattered throughout for the design. Prince Harry kept his look classic with a black sweater on top of a white button-down paired with grey pants and a black belt. Meghan’s makeup was minimal, but she wore a light rosy blush and a hint of dark eyeliner. Her hair was worn down with a slight wave.

We hope that the couple’s doula – which is a birthing partner – who they hired has been able to assist Meghan when she has experienced those jolting kicks! Lauren Mishcon, 40, who will be helping Meghan give birth in April, has been coaching the mom-to-be and Prince Harry during their pregnancy.

Meghan is quite the trooper for carrying along with her royal duties and demanding schedule as a duchess while she goes through her first pregnancy. We’re sure that her husband is more than supportive, but we imagine that she probably wants to kick back and relax every once in a while! We can’t wait to see more precious moments between Meghan and her baby while she’s pregnant, and of course, after her child is born.

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