This is not a drill, people.

There’s reason to believe that Meghan Markle is currently in labor, and a new prince or princess might be entering the world at any moment.

According to Inside Edition, an ambulance has been spotted near Frogmore Cottage, Meghan and Harry’s quaint-sounding home on Windsor Estate.

Naturally, this has led many to the assumption that the Duchess of Sussex has gone into labor.

From the outset, the royal family has repeatedly declined to reveal Meghan’s exact due date, but media outlets have been claiming for months that she’s set to deliver in mid-April.

Yet here we are in late April, and (as far as we know) the prince/princess population remains unchanged.

It’s almost like you can’t always trust the British tabloid media!

So at this point, everyone is losing their collective sh-t and fighting over what Meghan and Harry will name the baby — but the whole world might be getting ahead of itself.

According to royal expert Camilla Tominey, the ambulance is on hand for a much lamer reason than the birth of a new royal:

“[The ambulance is] a driver training vehicle picking up food for students while out and about all day, according to South Central Ambulance Service,” Tominey said.

“Keep calm tweeps. It could be another few days yet.”

Between the ambulances picking up food and the helicopters delivering snacks to Meghan, we really have to wonder what’s up with Brits using emergency vehicles to drop off lunch.

They might be on to something!

Anyway, Tominey says there’s nothing to get excited about yet, but if you stocked up on mylar balloons and party hats for your cats in hopes of celebrating the new arrival from afar this weekend, fear not.

Good Morning Britain ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship stated this morning that the birth is “imminent.”

“We know the baby is due, in fact, I can tell you that the due date is pretty much today. Today, tomorrow, we really are in the realms of imminent arrival,” he said.

“Has it happened overnight? Well, put it this way, we haven’t been told that it’s happened overnight, but it’s definitely any day now.”

Yes, as Ship acknowledges, there’s a possibility that the birth has already happened and we’re all being kept in the dark.

Royal births are usually clandestine affairs for safety reasons.

But Meghan and Harry have taken the secrecy to new heights.

In fact, they’ve issued a statement indicating that they might not announce the birth for quite some time:

“Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private,” a statement from Kensington Palace read.

“The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

Yes, it could be weeks before the Sussexes introduce their new arrival to the world.

Obviously, that’s entirely their right.

But the decision probably won’t do much to endear Meghan to all the Kate stans who irrationally hate her for no reason.

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