These are tough times for Teen Mom OG fan favorite Mackenzie McKee.

In December, Mackenzie lost her mother, Angie Douthit, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Around that time, Mackenzie repaired her relationship with her husband, Josh McKee.

Josh had been caught cheating on Mackenzie several months before her mother's passing, leading to a temporary split.

Now, it looks as though the separation may become permanent, as Mackenzie says she caught Josh sleeping around again, this time with her cousin.

And shockingly, Mackenzie has decided to air all of her dirty laundry in public.

Take a look:

1.Calling It Quits


3.Letting It All Out

4.But She Does Deserve Pity

5.Angry Mack

6.Doing It For Ange

7.A Memorable Farewell

8.Tragedy Strikes

9.Mind Games

10.Absentee Spouse

11.The Investigation

12.The Outcome

13.History Repeats Itself

14.Double Whammy

15.A Horrible Husband

16.Living a Lie

17.Enough Is Enough

18.Thoughts and Prayers

19.A Hard Road Ahead

20.A Sad Mystery

21.Sharing Her Pain


23.All Thrown Away

24.Keeping Mum

25.Hard Times

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